Article Submission

Article directories are websites which host a large number of user – written articles on a large variety of topics are hosted for others to come and read. But apart from being a depository of information, article directories are also an excellent method to get traffic for your website due to the following reasons:

  • Credibility – Well researched and written articles will add to the credibility of your expertise
  • Branding – Articles are a great brand building exercise for companies
  • Exposure – Articles are read by a large number of people seeking information. Since a link to your website (back – link) is present on each article written, it acts as excellent publicity.
  • Rankings – Articles that are well written receive good reviews along with back link, raising the credibility and ranking of your site among search engines.

The effectiveness of submitted articles is mostly due to the fact that article directories usually publish each article on an individual web page. Since each article contains not only a link to your website but also a lot of content relevant to it, this is a great way to improve your search engine ranking.

At iContent Solutions, we deal with a large number of some of the most popular article directories on the internet and will make sure that the articles pertaining to your website can get the maximum exposure, raising your public profile on the internet.

With iContent Solutions, you can rest assured that the articles posted to these websites are well researched, well written and showcase your website in a positive light. With a staff of writers who can write articles in impeccable American and British English, our stringent quality measures ensure that your business receives the maximum benefit, both in terms of traffic and in terms of public credibility.

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