Database Solutions

Just as the global business scenario continues to evolve, so must the technology that supports it. IContent Solutions brings you the very best in services and technologies to help your business achieve its complete potential. All modern businesses have duly recognized the significance of harnessing the immense potential of the information which is accumulated due to the myriad transactions which are related to the business.

At iContent Solutions, we offer you our premium database solutions which not only help you in the storage of all the accumulated raw data and processing it to deliver meaningful information which can then be used to develop your business even further. Our database experts can deliver the best database administration services by following iContent Solutions’ established protocols which include:

  • Strategic, detail oriented planning
  • Custom database development
  • Hardware backup and restore processes
  • Software backup and restore processes
  • Database testing
  • Data verification
  • Recovery System Validation

IContent Solutions brings to you a vast array of database management tools and technologies, all designed to fit all your business requirements exactly with services including:

  • Database model selection
  • Database architecture
  • Database analysis
  • Database development by use of all major databases
  • Database maintenance
  • Remote administration
  • Database Migration
  • Testing and installation
  • Upgrading existing database systems

IContent Solutions’ database solutions offer your business not only a set of features to augment its operations, but our database solutions also come with extensive security features, ensuring that sensitive information pertaining to your business can be stored and transferred securely only after explicit authorization, eliminating concerns of the information falling into the wrong hands.

Our databases enable secure and stable high – speed transfer of information, making sure that your business never has to wait to access information, making development and adaptation of real – time business strategies possible.

IContent Solutions’ databases are very accessible to our clients, allowing them to carry out information transfer from any location of device capable of accessing the database. With our user – friendly interface and wide variety of features, business owners need not spend on training additional personnel for database access.

With our extensive and cost – effective database solutions, iContent Solutions brings you the opportunity to take your business to new heights. Contact us for the best database solutions today.

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