Public Relations Services

With most business activities shifting to the World Wide Web, the field of Public Relations cannot be far behind. iContent brings its excellent public relations services to its clients, helping your brand reach its full potential of exposure and reach. From syndicated articles to press releases, we help you draw as much traffic to your website as possible.

Syndicated articles contain information pertaining to your website, promoting it in return via the various back – links so generated. These articles are submitted to various article directories with focused key phrases which elevate your search engine ranking.

Our expertly written press releases drive potential customers to your website after efficient keyword optimization and link embedding while highlighting your brand image and raising awareness and recall among your target audience.

An efficient method to complement your offline marketing and public relations departments, iContent Solutions boosts your marketing efforts by implementing effective public relations strategies online, which benefit from their instantaneous and interactive nature, as well as extensive global reach. Incorporating such integrated multi – media communication strategies is another excellent way for you to attract positive customer response and achieve top of the mind recall.

Many other online public relations agencies resort to techniques like keyword stuffing and spamming in order to achieve their objectives, but here at iContent, our public relations experts know that the key to having an effective campaign is to have a well thought – out and planned approach throughout. We prepare strategies to time with your on ground business developments so that they have the maximum impact upon delivery, along with measurements of success rates so that you can see exactly how beneficial our public relations strategies are for your business.

At iContent, we believe in delivering high – quality services to our clients, helping them enhance their business prospects while fostering long – term relationships in the process.

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