Website Maintenance

Now that you’ve got your designed website up and running, with the right content and presentation style, the next step is to maintain it. Just because a website is up and running doesn’t mean it is enough to attract visitors to it. The content of a website must be:

  • Cohesive: The pages in your website should follow a similar design and interface
  • Comprehensive: The content must be accessible to the intended audience
  • Complete: Your website must contain complete information on its subject
  • Current: The information present on your website should always be up to date

Following the above tips will help develop your website as an efficient business portal where customer requirements are met in a timely fashion. iContent provides the following services to make sure your website stays on top:

  • Link Management – Updating of broken or dead links wherever required on the website
  • File Management – Keeping track of orphaned files on your website
  • Reviews – We hold regular reviews of the work done, incorporating newer and better ideas
  • Analytics – Analyzing visitor demographics can provide useful insights to website owners
  • Testing – Checking the website for any potential errors so that they may be fixed in time
  • Updating – Adding new information like updates and announcements
  • Images – Replacing or redesigning the images according to the design scheme
  • Newsletter – Maintaining and updating subscriber database for newsletters.
  • Security – Developing newer security for website to combat any intrusion

With iContent on – board, you can rest assure that your website will always run at an optimum capacity, ensuring that your visitors receive exactly what you promise them without delays or errors. Our team of expert website developers will deliver the best looking websites with the most intuitive interfaces and content which is always up to date.

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